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Tendencias 21: I am a brand

Artículo de Andy Stalman sobre branding leído en tendencias 21, si quieres acceder a la web pulsa aquí. Si quieres leer la noticia original pulsa aquí

Brands are everywhere. You are a brand, I am a brand. And since we have joined the internet we have all become global brands by default. Every day we interact with 4000 brands, of those, 75% didn´t exist before 1980. In the digital era, how important is the way in which consumers experience and interact with a brand? Want a clue? Two-thirds of the CEOs at the world's 50 largest companies actively engaged with customers on social media.
In the past decade many brands have joined the Internet, like you and I, and a new phenomenon is happening: brands that were born on line are now joining the off line world, the physical space. 
So now, in this digital era, both worlds (on and off) of the same universe, have things to learn from each other. Both have things to contribute to the other. It´s not a discussion of which is good and which is bad, but wether the two of them can complement, work together. Brands need the two of them. They are 2 world of the same universe, we need both. 
In 2012 in the US e commerce sales surpassed on hundred thousand eighty six thousand billion dollars, 15% more than in the previous year. This amount represent almost four times all commerce sales from all the Latin America´s countries together and 10 times Spain sales. 
While Time magazine forecast than in 2050 50% of the global GDP will be traded online, in 2012 global B2C commerce topped one trillion dollars for the first time ever. Asia pacific already surpassing the US. And China surpassed the U.S. to become the world’s biggest trading nation last year. 
More and more people are having access to the net: an estimated of 2.3 billion people with internet access and we will probably end 2013 with more cell phones that people on the planet. The commoditization we are living globally demands good branding. 
Branding needs marketing as well as marketing needs branding: Marketing without branding is soulless. Branding without marketing is mute. 
Good Branding can make people pay more for one product or service than another similar product or service. 
Branding is about emotion, and emotion turns prospects into buyers. Branding is about being recognized and being different can a make a difference in business. 
Brands need to escape commoditization. Create a bond with customers, interact, listen, act, change the world. Brands need to be brave in this exciting times. They need to be relevant for people´s life´s or simply disappear. Good managers need to overcome fear, seize this moment, be the change, lead the change. 
We are starring one of the most exciting times for brand building in human history. 
We are here to create the future we want to live in. It´s time for rethinking the way we do business, we communicate, we create value. 
It´s time for doers. It´s your time, my time. The future belong to those that have the courage of creating it. 
Welcome to a new world. 

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